Hudlin Enterprises Inc.

Is a privately owned for profit corporation registered in British Columbia, Canada. The company has holdings in several other companies that perform services, in designing, implementing, and building a web presence through websites, software, applications and web apps. Hudlin Global Media is a website desgin and implementation company and Double Infinity Software is the software, web app and mobile app development company, and finally Hudlin Services is the service arm that manages your network, web presence and communications platforms. They are all fully incorporated entities and run completely autonomously from each other but we take pride in our team building mentality that we share with our customers.

Our Mission

Money alone should never dictate what a person or company is able to do with a resource like the internet. Even a small business owner should be able to dazzle the world with a web presence that connects their customers with products, services, merchandise with efficiency and profitablility, without the need for a tonne of money and a host of programmers to develop the tools to make it happen.

news & Updates



Our one year anniversary has passed and much has been accomplished in our first year.



Hudlin Enterprises Site official launch with the new design and content.



Double Infinity Software - Official Website launch